Out of Conference Scheds: ACC

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Instead of going through analysis of given teams, for which I would probably just be guessing, I rather am going to assess each conferences schedules. In particular each conference Out of Conference schedules to see if they like the cupcakes or an actual challenge.


The ACC is up first and they arguably have the oddest scheduling of them all. If you look at the key all games colored in white are against Non-BCS schools (aka schools outside the Pac-10, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East). The ACC has significantly less games against these opponents than any other conference. The ACC instead mixes highly tough matchups, such as USC, Cal and two games against Florida with extreme cupcakes aka 14 total games against D1-AA. No BCS conference has more total games than the ACC in either matchup category. Finally the ACC has two games lined up against Notre Lame whom you may or may not want to consider a BCS team.

1 Team To Sum Up the Conference: Clemson

No team sums up the ACC's out of conference schedule like Clemson. Clemson is working under two extremes. They have a tough Out of Conference opener against Bama, which they follow up with what should be two cake walk wins against the Citadel and South Carolina St. And then they wrap up their out of conference schedule vs. in state rival South Carolina.

Final Say

The ACC's scheduling could bring the conference credibility or show its weakness. At the end of the year though due to all the cross BCS scheduling we should know just how good the ACC is and they should be commended for not being afraid of taking risks.

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