The Favre Fallout

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bringing in Favre means that he's the starting QB and out goes the quarterback controversy.

Chad Pennington

It's bittersweet to see Chad go for myself. He never was the most talented player in the world and the injuries ruined him of the limited arm strength he had to begin with but he laid everything on the field and after Namath he arguably could be the 2nd best quarterback in franchise history. He lead multiple playoff trips, picked up a couple wins and gave his heart out. Hell, he tried to suit up in games with a completely blown out shoulder, he was brittle but he battled and tried to fight through injuries. Perhaps I my feelings doesn't model those of the Jet fan base, especially considering the pathetic showing they gave when Pennington got hurt last year. But it's sad to see the words cut and Pennington in the same sentence.

With that being said its depressing watching Chad Pennington play football. He's probably top 5 or better regarding Quarterback intelligence in the NFL. He knows where to throw, when to throw, and how to read a defense. The fact that he could even be an NFL quarterback with his arm strength is testimony to his intelligence. But in a big spot in the 4th quarter when the Jets needed him to bring them down the field, he just couldn't thread the needle and put the ball in spots and NFL quarterback should be able to. He will never be a Superbowl winning quarterback, its sad but its true.

I really hope Chad latches on somewhere and gets a fair opportunity to be their starting QB. Like most I think the Vikings are the perfect fit, and I hope he winds up leading them to the post season.

Kellen Clemens

I think its pretty safe to say that I haven't exactly been the biggest Kellen Clemens fan in the world. I was hoping the Jets drafted either Leinart or Young in the 06 draft and was blah when they drafted him in the 2nd round. I wrote a little letter to Jet fans when he sucked completely in the first three quarters against the Ravens. Essentially he showed arm strength yet no ability to read defenses and no ability to pick up or read blitz packages. Essentially he was the polar opposite of Pennington.

After last season I think it's pretty safe to say I have no faith in Clemens to play this year, next year or the year after. I even said the Jets should draft Chad Henne so that they could have someone to compete with Clemens. So there is no part of me that is feeling sad to not see Clemens taking a large amount of snaps this season or next season or ever.

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