Get Ready For a Disappointing Trade Deadline

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline comes on friday. On friday we will expect multiple names to get dealt. We will expect a whirlwind of excitement for your favorite teams. We will expect Roy Halladay to be dealt, we will expect Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez to be donning new uniforms, we will expect the Pirates to sell off their entire outfield for the third time in two years. We will expect a lot, and chances are, we will get a little.

I really think the problem lies somewhere in the media swirling rumors we here everyday. Everyday there's a new rumor about Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee. Every day we get differing news about one players could be in what package. We get information from JP Ricciardi saying that he doubts he will deal Halladay away, yet two minutes later we get information saying that they've already sent out trade proposals to multiple teams. We even see rumors that don't make much sense surrounding some of the best pitchers and prospects in the game like Cliff Lee and V-Mart for Kershaw and Loney. Kershaw is 21 and has a 2.96 ERA this year, why the hell would they ever trade him? Why would you even taunt Indians fans into believing they have a chance at snatching up the best young left hander in the game.

The problem won't be that the deadline will lack action. It won't. We'll get trades for George Sherrill, Matt Capps and every other closer on a shit team. We'll get trades for low end starters like Ian Snell or Justin Duscherererer. We'll get role players traded like Orlando Cabrera, Nick Johnson or Ryan Garko. All of these deals could very easily swing the balance of baseball power. The problem is our expectations are so high, built up on media rumors and the Manny deal from last season, that anything short of Halladay, Lee and V-Mart getting traded will be a disappointment.

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