The Seven Deadly Sins Of the Trade Deadline: Wrath

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. --Proverbs (ch. 15, v. 1)

Thy tradeline wrath comes from players who feel scorned by their franchise and desire to spend their years in the arms of others. In most cases this comes in the form of superstars who are downright tired of losing on a daily basis and desire to be traded to someone who has a modicum of potential.

In this years trade deadline we have yet to see any big names come out demanding a trade, instead we have seen the wrath of the small. Of the names demanding a deal, Ian Snell is up front and center. Snell was initially thought by the Pirates to be one of their arms to build towards the future, until this season when he was so dreadful that he requested to be sent to AAA. This request was in part due to his failures on the mound and in part due to how much he just hated Pittsburgh. So when he dominated Triple A and the Pirates wanted to recall him to the big leagues, he surprised no one when he said that he had no desire to go pitch ever again for the Pirates. And hence only days later he is now a Mariner.

The other primary examples from 2009 are the minor leaguers scorned by the Chicago White Sox. Both Brian Anderson and Josh Fields had lost favor in Ozzie Guillen's lineup to the point where they both said it was time for them to be traded. Anderson got his wish when he was dealt to the Red Sox. Fields still awaits his turn.

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