Joe Pa Loves the Cupcakes

Thursday, July 23, 2009

There's one glaring thing wrong with college football on a year to year basis outside the BCS. This glaring problem always falls directly in line with Joe Paterno's Penn State Nittany Lions. The issue is with scheduling disparity. While some schools go out and schedule difficult games against elite out of conference programs, schools like Penn St. hide in the corner beating up crappy MAC teams and feasting on the worst schools in the Big East. And it's so god damn annoying.

While Alabama and Virginia Tech start off the season in an epic ACC vs. SEC showdown in Atlanta, Penn State will host Akron. While fellow Big Ten elite Ohio State hosts perennial powerhouse USC, Penn St. hosts always shitty Syracuse. While Oregon hosts 2009 Cinderella Utah, Penn State takes on ugly Temple. While Indiana hits the road and travels to UVA, Penn State hosts little ole Eastern Illinois.

All in all, those are four automatic wins for Penn State. They are whats wrong with college football. A team like Penn State that hides from serious competition outside of what is mandatory should not be rewarded. They should be punished, but they won't. They're undefeated record via cup cake city will be rewarded week after week after teams like VaTech, Alabam, Ohio State, USC etc. falter in battles with equals.

So here I stand saying Screw You Joe Pa and screw you're wimp of an athletic director. I hope you get pummeled at the start of Big Ten play and I hope you finish nowhere near the national title game.

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