The Seven Deadly Sins Of the Trade Deadline: Lust

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul; --1 Peter 2:11

Everywhere you look during the MLB trade deadline you shall see Lust. Every city in contention desires thy neighbors wife.

Roy Halladay is Sexy. He is sexy everywhere within 5 games of a playoff spot. Philly wants desired Roy in the white and red pin stripes, before their lust was satisfied by the slightly less sexy Cliff Lee. Even still, I bet many Philly fans still lust after Roy. Red Sox fans lust after Roy, and lust after him even more at the thought of him wearing Yankee pin stripes instead of BoSox white and red. The entire NL Central lusts after Roy. Roy is essentially Meghan Fox right now.

But the lust doesn't start or stop with Roy, it envelopes the baseball world. Even the Ryan Garko's and Ian Snell's of the world can be lusted after in the right cities with the right GMs. If there is a better player out there than the one your team already has than lust will take you over. Lust will make your mind wander to dangerous levels.

Here in New York City area, Lust is a 24/7/365 occurrence. Never are New Yorkers satisfied with their roster, never do they not desire the best and the brightest. In the off season this Lust is typically satisfied via free agency but at the trade deadlines the Lust comes through. Mets fans want every available Pirate. They want any good hitter. Yankee fans want the best of the best. They desire Roy Halladay and think they deserve because "they are the Yankees" everyone wants to sleep in the Yankees bed.

Lust is the MLB Trade Deadline.

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That's the best picture of Megan Fox you could find!!?? lame ... lol

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