Robby Cano Is Capable of Much Much More

Friday, July 24, 2009

Those of you that don't get to watch the Yankees much this season probably look at Robinson Cano's 2009 statline of .310 14 HR and an OPS of .833 and think wow that's a nice bounce back year for Cano. Those of us who watch Cano on a daily basis this season realize that while he is playing far superior to his 2008 campaign, he is not close to realizing his potential. Take a look at his situational stats from this season below.

As the situation becomes more important, 2009 Cano results diminish significantly. Imagine if these numbers were flip flopped. Imagine if he was hitting .350 with runners in scoring position this season. The RBI totals would be through the roof but alas, he currently is just a wizard at getting hits when nobody is on base and mediocre at driving people in.

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