Today's Disturbing Steroid News Makes Me Cry On the Inside

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I can't believe that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were taking steroids in 2003. I am so heart broken and crushed. To think that back in 2004 I truly thought the Red Sox fended off the curse of Babe Ruth with just a hint of lying during Schilling's fake blood. But now, now I know that they were cheaters. Horrible, Horrible Cheaters. And now to think the World Series Championship has a huge asterisk next to it. It makes me sick.

Or not. Come on, you didn't have a sneaking suspicion that David Ortiz just might have done steroids? You didn't see his progression from a player pretty much let go by the Twins for nothing to baseball god with the Red Sox as a slight cause for concern. If anything four months ago I would have thought that Manny not Ortiz was the one who probably was clean, but there always have been the massive doubts about Ortiz. Regardless, does it really matter? No. Because once again there were steroid users EVERYWHERE! It's not like that Yankee team of 2004 was innocent (A-Roid, BANE, and Sheffield). They won the World Series in 2004, your memories and joy of that time still remain. Let Bill Simmons cry himself to sleep while you let the news slide off your backs.

But for certain do not be hypocrites Mr. Bostonians, for it was the Red Sox whom threw the most steroid daggers at Giambi, Sheffield and A-Roid. Earlier this season on a trip to Fenway against the Mets, people were walking around with big needles that said A-roid on them. When the Yankee fans do the same thing, just laugh and call them copy cats. When the Yankee fan rips you to shreds like you once did to them, just sit there and take it. Because no longer can you sit on your high horse and declare a World Series Title of purity. It's tainted just like everybody else's.

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