What the Hell Is Danny Ferry Doing?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

In my humble opinion being an NBA General Manager is by far the easiest GM gig of all the professional sports. First off you have incredibly small roster sizes. Secondly you don't have to do with any minor league system. And most importantly, you pretty much know that you have no chance to win a title unless you have superstars. The biggest concern for an NBA GM is making sure that they have more than one superstar and making sure that they don't dish out Scott Layden-esque contracts.

And so I watched the Cavs this offseason and thought, if they want to keep Lebron for eternity than all they have to do is make sure they don't crush their 2010 cap number. And all the moves they were making were doing that. They didn't dump a boatload of money on Trevor Ariza or Shawn Marion or Hedo Turkoglu. They acquired Shaq and his expiring contract.

And then yesterday happenned. Instead of letting some other team spend a ton of money on a player that averages 8 and 7 and will never be an all star the Cavs decided to resign Anderson Varejao to a 7-year $50 million dollar deal. Instead of letting some other jackass team clog up their cap space by overpaying for side show bob, the Cavs overpay for sideshow bob.

I'm not saying that Varejao won't help then in 09 and and beyond. What I'm saying is that if Ferry played his cards right than the money he just wasted on Varejao could have morphed into Chris Bosh come 2010. It's just flat out stupid.

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