Hey, Why Don't We Just Kick a Guy In the Head Until He Dies

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This week in why humans can suck, we get a case in Philadelphia where a brawl starts courtesy of a spilled drink and ends in the death of a 22 year old.

Essentially the argument started with a spilled drink in a crowded bar outside of Citizen's Bank Park during a Phillies game. The two groups involved were a Bachelor party and a group headed down to the game on a bar sponsored trip. After the spilled drink an argument between the two groups started and after everyone was kicked out of the stadium the groups naturally continued the fight onto the street. The end result of course was David Hale, the brother of the bride, getting repeatedly kicked in the head to the point where his head trama killed him.

At what point can anyone logically think that holding a man down and kicking him in the fucking head is really a sensible thing to do? What kind of people do shit like this? The answer of course is.... people with prior assault records of course. Two of the three shit bags that killed David Hale had already served jail time for previous assault charges. One who was guilty of stabbing someone four times in a similar melee and the other who was guilty of beating a man until he became unconcious.

Now a 22 year old is dead. A wedding is almost certainly on the rocks given the fact I'd gather the bride has several questions for the groom as to why nobody had her brothers back in the entire bachelor party. All because of a spilled fucking drink. God People Are Assholes Sometime.

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I hear what you are saying.

Who would sweep the legs out from underneath a 6'-4" drunk kid having him land teeth first?

JBills said...
10:42 AM  

Someone that had no desire to get hit by a trey of Shephard's Pie. / A Douchebag

Simon said...
10:44 AM  

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