Roy Halladay to the Rangers Almost a Done Deal

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's getting close MLB Trade Deadline so it's just a constant shit storm of trade rumors. MLB Trade Rumors has about 4050 posts a day. So here's what I've been hearing through the grapevine.

Everyone in the baseball world is looking towards where Roy Halladay is going to land. The rumors have been flung out there. The Phillies want him but aren't willing to give up Doug Drabek's son. The Red Sox want him but they're only interested in being frugal bastards and not giving up their top prospects plus J.P. Ricciardi has instituted a 30% surcharge for AL East squads.

So who's left in for Halladay? The forgotten Rangers of course. The Rangers will give up former 1B Chris Davis, Catching prospect Max Ramirez, and pitching prospect Neftali Perez in exchange for the Texan Halladay. The move will finally give the Rangers an ace pitcher that they never have had and will give them the push to chase the Angels for the division (out 2.5) and the Red Sox for the wild card (out 1.5).

Long thought out of the sweepstakes for Halladay due to money issues with their owner Tom Hicks, the Rangers are now back into the race courtesy of money brought in from Tom's other investment, Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC has transferred veteran midfielder Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid for what is believed to be 30 million dollars. This money will be used solely to finance Halladay's contract.

I have zero sources and this was completely made up. And if you believed that last part, than you're an idiot.

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