It's Not Fun Being a Pirate

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Only weeks after the Pirates decided that it was time to rid themselves of the remainder of their 2008 outfield, they decide that its time to get a head start on blowing up the 2009 outfield. By jettisoning both Hinske and Nyjer Morgan the Pirates have officially traded 5 outfielders in just under a calendar, 4 of whom were starters. Right now it looks like they have no outfielders left to deal, but lats not put it past the Pirates just yet.

Meanwhile, the players still on the roster are expectantly unhappy with their decisions. And well they're not afraid to voice their opinions on the matter. Adam LaRoche went off after the McLouth trade but seemed reserved and defeated yesterday.

"It's not our job to understand the big plan, I guess," first baseman Adam LaRoche said, according to the report. "We've got to do the same thing we did after Nate left, try to keep it together."

Meanwhile, Jack Wilson is obviously pissed the hell off and is likely begging to get traded.

"They're businessmen. They're trying to achieve winning baseball in Pittsburgh. The biggest question is: When is that going to be? When do things start turning around?" Wilson said in the Post-Gazette. "It's just hard for guys who have been here and seen these exact same trades happen and seen it absolutely do nothing. I've been here nine years. I've seen two or three of these trades every year and still haven't had a winning season."

And finally and obviously the worst response comes from rookie Andrew McCutchen. McCutchen has been up with the team since the McClouth trade. He's a building block for the future of the team unlike LaRoche and Wilson who likely will be dealt later in the year. His anger and thoughts about the franchise just one month into the season can't make the Pirates brass happy.

"Yeah, man, you almost want to cry," said rookie outfielder Andrew McCutchen, according to the report. "This [stinks], man. You know, it's a business. It's a great loss to lose someone like this. Not just on the field, but off the field as well. There's nobody who can replace what he can do off the field."

Man that really makes me wonder what Morgan can do off the field. Team Psychiatrist? Team Masseuse? Team Happy Ending Maker? Whatever it is, its not good that the rookie is already willing to mouth off about the franchise.

In the end, the Pirates are likely doing the right thing. There's no point in having a player like Hinske on their roster. In all likelihood Milledge has way more potential than does Nyjer Morgan. Later this summer when they trade any other marketable piece, they will again be doing the right thing. It's time to build up the system. To make up for their glaring mistakes in the draft. And to attempt to do what every other small market team that wins does, build up a roster of young talent.

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