The Joys of Guaranteed Contracts

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Some days news break and I think to myself, is there really anything more excellent than guaranteed contracts? You get the contract based solely on past performance and "expectations" of how you will perform in the future but in reality you don't even have to do a single of worth following signing your name to a piece of paper.

Take BJ Ryan for example. The Blue Jays cut his ass last night because he was the worst pitcher in their bullpen this season and they needed to make roster room for Scott Downs, their current closer, who was coming off the DL. The Blue Jays didn't have many options at their disposal. They couldn't trade Ryan, because he makes way too much money. They couldn't send him to the minors, because he would just deny that. And logistically there was no benefit to keeping him in their bullpen because he's been so dreadful this season. So they made the decision to dump him.

Now Ryan has a few options he can A) Sit on his ass and just relax and watch the Blue Jays continue to fill his bank account for the next two years because they owe him 15$ million dollars. Or B) he can attempt to pitch for another contract for another team. Likely at 33 he doesn't want to retire just yet and likely he doesn't want to go out like this, but damn option A has its appeals. For instance, he can live somewhere not in Canada. He can play golf all day. He doesn't have to get shit on by a fan base because after his injuries he's not good anymore. I'm guessing he's going to sign on somewhere soon but think about it for a second BJ. Beaches or Baseball?

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