Hey I've Got a Good Idea, Let's Go To a Strip Club

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So if you're a man who's been in the slammer for 2 years without any female companionship during that time frame, I'd imagine you're pretty eager for it. So naturally I'd imagine that many criminals on their first night out of prison head to the strip clubs. So it shouldn't come as a ridiculous surprise that Michael Vick on his first night of freedom headed to a strip club with Allen Iverson for amateur night.

There's nothing illegal about Vick or anybody else going to the strip club. Millions of people do it daily. Like I said before I'd imagine that's amongst the top priorities of newly freed convicts. But when you're Michael Vick and you're main goal now is to convince Roger Goodell that you're a changed man and that you're remorseful so that Goodell will reinstate you, it's probably a good idea to have just a little bit of common sense. Just an ounce of common sense.

How exactly did not a single person in Vick or Iverson's entourage go "You know Michael, you're gonna be on camera, this probably isn't going to help your case given the negative montra the public has with strip clubs and NFL players. How about we maybe go out to a club or a bar instead." How exactly did this conversation either not come up or not sink into Vick's thick moronic skull.

I'd like Vick to be reinstated and allowed to play somewhere in the NFL, but just one day of freedom and he's already acted like an idiot. The chances of reinstatement are slimming.

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