The Mets Lineup is Just 16 Homers Behind Pujols

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just how bad is the lineup that the Mets are sending out there on a daily basis? This bad...

The entire Mets Lineup that they threw on the field yesterday has a combined 18 total home runs this season. Angel Pagan and Luis Castillo lead the lineup with zero homers a piece. They are followed in the lineup by the beef. Daniel Murphy, David Wright and Jeff Francoeur all have 5 home runs this season. Granted Francoeur's homers all came as a member of the Braves, but we'll give them a break. The beef is followed up by a light salad with Jeremy Reed and Alex Cora coming in with zero total home runs. The lineup closes with a fury when super slugger Brian Schneider comes up with his three home runs this season. And then of course the lineup is rounded out by any number of their pitchers with zero home runs.

Nine batters with a total of just 18 home runs. Fear the Mets.

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