Thanks Gatorade, I Like Free Stuff

Thursday, July 02, 2009

In an effort to get "Free" Marketing the Boys at and Girls at Gatorade, like to send out free stuff to bloggers in hopes that they'll spread the word on the great new product lines Gatorade is about to unveil. In December they sent me a big box of Gatorade with their "G" branding and new naming styles, I didn't oblige on the posting. Well yesterday I get home and I have a gigantic box with a mysterious container in it.

So I open it, and what do I find three different flavors of Gatorade, ooh boy.

But it also comes with instructions on what it is both on the sheet in between the three Gatorades and on the handy 1GB USB Thumb Drive equipped with promotional images and PDFs. And well since I actually value a 1GB thumb drive, mostly because I've always been too lazy to buy one, I give you their campaign and do their bidding for them.

It's a limited addition Jordan Set, highlighting Then, Now, and Forever because he's going into the hall of fame. So if you collect Gatorade bottles, and who doesn't, this has to get you excited.

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you've entered the world of being a corporate b!tch ... I'm so disappointed ... lol

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