Hoorah Oreos

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's just one game and it was bound to eventually happen given how fantastic the Sox bullpen has been the entire season, but damn it was fun to watch Boston's Bullpen Implosion last night.

Who would have thought that their massive win streak against the Oreo's would have ended after a 10-1 lead in the 7th? Who would have thought Oscar Salazar would have hit a three run home run? Who actually knows who Oscar Salazar is? Who would have thought that the Papelboner would give up the lead on a double to Markakis? And then who really thought that Sherrill would have actually slammed the door shut?

But it all happenned and the Sox lead is down to 2.5 and the win streak against the Oreo's is at negative 1.

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