The Seven Deadly Sins Of the Trade Deadline: Despair

Friday, July 31, 2009

“In all things it is better to hope than to despair”

As the quote says it is better to hope than despair, but despair many fans will and who can truly blame them. It is simply a natural feeling to have when you can no longer identify a single player on your favorite teams roster. Especially when your team doesn't exactly have a solid track record of putting together a winning team.

Firesales occur every year at the trade deadline. Some franchises like the Marlins have a track record of making solid deals and bringing in top ranked prospects to build a winner. Others do not. Those that do not are the ones that inspire incredible despair on the fanbase.

This season there are two teams holding a massive firesale, the first is the Cleveland Indians. The Indians have already dealt Ryan Garko, Rafael Betancourt, Ben Francisco and Cliff Lee and it looks like a Victor Martinez deal is just around the corner. Fans in Cleveland have already started to give up on the franchise. They have destroyed the owners wikipedia page in anger. Indian fans are clearly in despair.

Then of course you have Pittsburgh Pirate fans. By trading away their entire roster Pirate fans must feel an immeasurable sense of despair. The entire roster has changed since the start of the season. They've traded away their outfield, their pitching, their infield, everything. It's despair time in Pittsburgh.

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