An Assortment of Downhill Skiing Crashes

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NBC's broadcast of yesterday's Women's Downhill race was actually entertaining and NBC actually did something right. NBC showed the races that fit one of two criteria: 1) Superstar or American Skiier or 2)Epic Crash. While watching the races you could tell that if it was a nobody and they were 2 seconds off the pace that eventually they were going to be sliding down the mountain after clipping a gate and having their skis explode off. So since I was entertained by yesterday's distruction I figured today would be a good day to just throw up a bunch of videos of epic downhill crashes.

Yesterday's Crashes in Picture Form

Plenty more crashes after the jump...

Hey Buddy, There's an Alpine Race Here

Through the fence is always fun.

No Seriously, what do they make those nets out of?

Boom goes the dynamite.

Down Goes Bode

Down Goes Mrs. Vonn

This crash caused a Coma. Seriously.

Sometimes Off Track Skiing Is Not Bright

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another nice one

greate comments from the tv guy

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