Would You Rather Sign John Smoltz or Pedro Martinez?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Free Agent Signings are beginning to wind down this offseason and just a few names remain, two of these names are future Hall of Famers looking for one more chance. So of the two if you had to choose one are you putting your eggs in the Pedro Martinez or John Smoltz basket?

In 2009 Pedro Martinez spent the first few months of the season chilling on the bench getting ready for his phone to ring. When his phone did ring Pedro was up to the task. In 9 starts last year Pedro pitched to a 3.63 ERA with a few stellar starts. Pedro even pitched pretty well in his three playoff starts. The problem with Pedro is the fact that he's still very fragile. The Phillies made sure last season to give him ample time off in between starts to alleviate the risk of the injuries that made his Mets career a very short one. So if you sign Pedro, how many starts do you think you can possibly get?

In 2009 John Smoltz was coming off major surgery and clearly was not ready at the start of the season. With the Red Sox Smoltz was downright terrible. He pitched to a 8.32 ERA and left the Red Sox no choice but to cut him. With the Cardinals Smoltz was improved, but still not dominant. His ERA with the was 4.26 but he went just 1-3. So if you sign Smoltz you are banking on him improving back to his old form with another offseason of recovery, will the return to form happen?

So who you got? Two Hall of Famers looking for one last hoorah, you can only sign one, whom is it?

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