SI Swimsuit Trivia: Athlete Addition

Monday, February 08, 2010

With the SI Swimsuit edition coming out tomorrow, why not test your knowledge on some of the Athletes featured in former SI Editions. When you are done or have given up, check out the answers and give last years trivia "How Well Do You Know Your Swimsuit Models" a crack.

Maria Sharapova was featured in what years Swimsuit Edition?

This NBA Player got a contract out of his league and perhaps a wife too...

This athlete was featured in several other Men's Magazines as well as SI Swimsuit Edition

This athlete used to enjoys his wife's rock hard abs.

Can you guess this blond haired Soccer Star? Hint, he spent time playing in the Premiership.

Of all Pitchers in MLB, this guy was featured?

I think we all wanted to see this woman in the SI Edition after her days at Arizona.

More majors than Tigger Woo

This tennis star is very tall and very skinny.

Can you pick out the baggy shorts of a former NFL Receiver?

Yes this is Jason Kidd, but do you remember his former wife's name?

Legendary Quarterback's do what they want.

Can you name this womens soccer star? She's on ESPN a lot now.

The trailblazer for attractive tennis stars...

Very very tall Australian basketball player...

This tennis star knocked off Maria Sharapova at this years Aussie Open

I did not take steroids to enhance my photograph, I took it for health.

Look at Abs on HGH...

Gabriella Reece was featured multiple times, but can you name her husband?

This one is fairly obvious...

This tennis star was featured in last years edition. I think we are all thankful.

She's not a basketball player...

I guess after winning the Stanley Cup, you get to be in the Swimsuit Edition...

Check out the Answers

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