Ranking the Winter Olympic Events According to My Interest Levels

Thursday, February 11, 2010

According to NBC there are 15 types of Winter Olympic Sports in 2010. Here's a quick run down of the 15, where I rank them, and how much interest I will have in them.

15. Cross Country Skiing - Nobody watches the marathon in the summer games and nobody watches cross country skiing in the winter games.

14. Figure Skating - The Men's are complete fruity nut jobs and really I don't care about the women at all either. For whatever reason I enjoy some of the gymnastics in the summer games but none of the figure skating.

13. Biathlon - Introducing a gun into cross country skiing is interesting, just not interesting enough for me to watch.

12. Speed Skating - Speed Skating #1 is on the big track where it's two at a time and nobody is ever next to you. This to me is pretty damn boring. It's like watching the 400 meters on ice. Not really that exciting.

11. Nordic Combined - It's like the decathlon of the Winter Olympics or... who really cares?

10. Alpine Skiing - I've never really gotten into races against time. I much prefer the Ski Cross events where they all come out of the gate at once and go down the hill at once.

9. Bobsled, 8 - Skeleton, 7. Luge - These are pretty much all the same... man gets on sled slides down ice doesn't die.

6. Ski Jumping - Ski Jumping is a good time if solely because it could potentially provide epic crashes.

5. Short Track - Short track is much better than Speed Skating because all the competitors are right next to each other and this leads to many a crash and many a skater dumped into the wall.

4. Freestyle Skiing - I don't particularly care for Moguls but Aerials could be enjoyable with the right amount of tricks.

3. Snowboarding - I actually prefer Snowboard Cross to the half pipe but both are quality entertainment.

2. Curling - How can you hate on Curling? It's essentially bocce ball on ice/ The Jersey Shore Guidos love it.

1. Hockey - Olympic Hockey to me is the best of any Olympic sport for the reason that all of the stars are there and the teams are relatively even. In basketball the USA has a considerable advantage, in hockey the Russians, Swedes, Fins, Canadians and Egyptians all can win.

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I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics, especially men’s hockey! I am a huge NHL fan, so it will be neat to see players represent their countries. In some cases, there are going to be players on the same NHL team competing against each other during the Olympics. It will definitely be a lot of fun to watch, even though the NHL will shut down during the time.

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Curling is the best. You telling me you couldn't get a foursome from our house, have them practice for 6 months, and not be competitive? It was basically invented to be played with beers. It's like beer die, shuffle board, and pond hockey all mixed together.

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