Blogging the Offseason: Washington Redskins

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging the Offseason worked so well for the MLB that I'm bringing it back for the NFL. You can find all the posts under the label Offseason or just go here.

Today's blogger is Jack Kogod, aka Unsilent Majority, made famous by stints with KSK, Deadspin and others.

1. Be honest, how big a part of you is going to miss Jim Zorn. (And can you really blame Zorn for failing? He wasn't even hired to be head coach)
I definitely won't miss Jim Zorn. Yes, he was put in a position to fail, and fail he did.

2. Alright with Zorn out of the way, what are your expectations for Shanahan? What should his first line of business be this offseason?
Shanahan has always been one of my least favorite coaches in the league, so I'm not quite as thrilled as some seem to be. I expect the offense to improve, but I'm concerned that the defense will regress. The first thing he needs to do is to sure up depth on both lines. Oh, and find a way to ground Redskins One.

3. Is anybody in the world more excited for an Uncapped season than Dan Snyder? He just might sign every free agent out there.
I just hope Shanahan and Allen can keep him from doing anything too preposterous.

4. As an outsider I actually think Jason Campbell has the look of a QB who is capable enough to lead several playoff teams. Why does he seemingly incur so much venom from the front office? Will he be the QB next year? If not whom takes over?
I've always been a Campbell fan, and I don't think he gets nearly enough respect from the front office or fans. He does need to improve in many areas, especially his play in the fourth quarter.

5. Albert Haynesworth missed 4 games this year and looking at his career he actually hasn't played a full season since his rookie year. Do you think handing him 100$ mill was a huge mistake?
Well it's a lot more than I would have given him. Still, when Albert is on the field his presence is felt. He makes everyone around him better, and he still makes plenty of impact plays.

6. The 4th pick must feel like a weird spot for any Skins fan. Whom do you want them to grab and who do you think they take against your desire?
They better take an offensive tackle or trade the pick. If they take a quarterback I'll probably break the television.

7. Speaking of weird.... The Redskins didn't trade away all of their draft picks this year and actually have picks in every round other than the 6th. When was the last time you looked forward to a draft this much? What will holes will the Redskins look to fill with these picks?
I'm hoping that they don't do anything too flashy. I just want to add depth at certain positions of need.

8. With Jim Zorn gone and Shanahan in, does this lock up Portis staying with the Redskins for next year, or will Shanny look to deal him again?
He'll be around this year, in part because of the cap hit they'd take to part with him.

9. How many Chris Cooley penises do you think you can fit in a Greg Oden Penis?
I wouldn't even want to begin to guess.

10. The Redskins will win the NFC East in...
My dreams.

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