Welcome To Detroit Johnny

Monday, February 22, 2010

Now not only is Curtis Granderson replacing Johnny Damon in New York, but Johnny Damon is replacing Curtis Granderson in Detroit, it's almost as if the Yanks threw the Damon keys over to Detroit in the deal. It's nice to see this saga finally concluded but I definitively think the Damon-Boras camp botched this entire signing process. They went into the offseason chirping about multiple year deals and apparently refusing the Yankees 2 year 14$ million dollar offer and by the end of the offseason he was forced to accept a 1 year 8$ million dollar deal for a team in a less desirable market with less chance of winning the world series or accomplishing any baseball related goals.

Oh and I'm pretty sure Damon won't like the new 330 foot distance from batters box to the right field wall. Here's expecting Damon's power numbers to go down down down.

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