I Miss The Johnson Curlers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In 2006 I became overly enthused about Olympic Curling. Part of the reason was because it always seemed to be on when I got home from work and part of the reason was the fact that the US team featured 4 twenty somethings, three of whom were attractive most notably the 'skip', Cassie Johnson and her sister Jamie Johnson. You really couldn't help but pull for the two cute blonds that looked like they had never seen the sun once in their life.

So with Curling getting underway today I figured I'd take a look at whom is representing the US and disappointment. The US Curling team looks like mid 30 year olds of the non-cougar variety. It appears as if Team Johnson is now Team Potter/Haskell, as both have been married in the past 4 years, and the Team was eliminated in Olympic Qualifying. Looks like Curling just might get dropped from pedestal 2 on my Olympic Interest Rankings.

Take a trip down memory curling lane after the jump

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Two of this year's curlers are considerably more attractive than those vanilla blondes. I'm not sure why you'd base your viewing habits on this, but still, what's great about those two? You can't swing a dead cat without hitting boring, semi-attractive blondes like the Johnson sisters.

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The Russian team as a couple of solid looking curlers.

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