Quick Notes: A Weeks Review (2/26)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Because someone decided it was a good idea for me to actually work hard at my real job the pace has fallen off a bit here and thus we rely on quicknotes to discuss topics I didn't get to this week.


~The Russia vs. Canada hockey game was something I was looking forward to all day and well it sucked. What a disappointment. The Russians were completely outworked and outclassed and frankly they are lucky the Canadians didn't score ten goals. Apparently the Americans woke up the Candians on the weekend.

~How huge was the US win over Canada for their likelihood at a medal? If they had lost to Canada and had to face the Russians with no night off I guarantee they would have been crushed. Instead they just need to beat either the Fins or the Slovaks to secure a medal of any color. That seems pretty doable.

~Ice Dancing has officially topped Cricket in my view of worst sport ever created. Even cross country skiing is more exciting.

~Why are Asians really really good at short track speed skating? Even the two solid Americans are of Asian decent. (Celski is 1/2 Filipino, Ohno is Japanese)

~Athletes that participate in Bobsled, Luge, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, and Aerials are part psycho.

~If there was a place to play Curling in my area of Connecticut, I'd join a once a week beer league. In an ideal curling arena, I'd imagine circular cutouts in the back end of the ice that holds a beer for all 8 team members.


~I'm finding the whole Tim Tebow won't participate in the combine pretty humorous because honestly who cares? We've watched him play for four seasons, how much more do you need to know? We know he's not the best passer and that he's an absolute beast but he's not that fast. We know he's "working" on a new motion. We also know that he will likely have a workout at UF in a few weeks to unveil this new motion. Why is this a story?

~But I guess on this note, why didn't Urban Meyer teach him a new motion? Of all people didn't Tim Tebow deserve his coach to try to best prepare him for his life after college? Kind of seems laughable that this wasn't done in 4 years at UF.

~RichRod has been caught and convicted on his over practice violations. Wooo, go Michigan. Not only have you sucked for two years but now you violate NCAA policy too.

College Hoop

~This is the best thing of all time.

~UConn looks like they just might actually make the tournament after all. Jim Calhoun comes back says his team is embarrassing and then they respond. I guess coaching sometimes is that simple.

~For whatever reason, I'm not hugely into this years college hoops regular season. Perhaps it's because I don't see any single player as a must watch kind of guy. Wall is great but I don't think he's on the Oden/Durant must watch level.

~And down goes Purdon't.


~Why are people discussing Derek Jeter and his contract? Do people actually think he won't be a Yankee? Are people that dumb?

~Johnny Damon is one hell of a funny man. He always wanted to be in Detroit. I guess it's easy to lie when you get $8 million and your intelligence may not be the highest. Anyway... this article about Damon is humorous.

~Speaking of morons, why does anyone take Manny Ramirez seriously? This is his last year in LA just like his mind plays baseball on a spaceship.

Music Video Stuck in My Head This Week: Chevelle, I Get It

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