A Decade of 1st Round Quarterbacks

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Today's Super Bowl's seem like they are always headlined by top quarterbacks. This year we have Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Last year Roethlisberger and Warner, in 06 Manning and Brady, etc. etc. Each of these featured at least one 1st round draft pick. In fact a 1st round drafted Quarterback has been featured in each of the last 6 Super Bowls.

With that being said I figured now was a good time to look at a decades worth of first round picks.

~There were 26 quarterbacks drafted in the first round from 2000-2009. Of these 26, 7 were drafted with the #1 pick overall.

~Of the QBs drafted in the first round, Michael Vick of all people leads the way in Pro Bowl births with three.

~Not surprisingly every QB drafted in the first round has gotten the opportunity to start this decade. Of these 1st rounders the least successful were Patrick Ramsey, Matt Leinart, Joey Harrington, David Carr, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn and the Sex Cannon.

~Not a single QB drafted in the first round this past decade has ever been a 1st team all-pro. That's Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's world.

~1st round picks this decade have won 3 Super Bowls (Roethlisberger 2, Manning 1) and lost another (Sex Cannon). Oh and Matt Leinart rode the bench for the Cardinals last season.

~There have only been 12 Pro Bowls made by this crew of 26 which is kind of poor given the 6 QBs at minimum a year clip.

~USC has given the NFL 3 first round picks while Cal, Tulane and Marshall both gave the NFL two.

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