Chasing Lines: Super Bowl Prop Bets

Thursday, February 04, 2010

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With the Super Bowl just 4 days away let us look at some of the more ridiculous prop bets that you can wager on.

The Coin Toss
The Coin Toss is probably the most ridiculous thing to bet on because it's a 50/50 proposition and is straight luck, yet the lines say that it isn't straight 50/50? Someohow the Colts are favored to win the coin toss and the coin is favored to come up Tails. Hmm...

What Color Will the Gatorade Bath Be
This good ole prop is multiple choice... The odds on favorite is clear/water but that just seems boring. Something tells me the Colts use blue gatorade and the saints go classic lime green. So whomever you think wins the game go with that... Or you can just ask the trainers of the Colts and Saints and figure out what color they choose and then you're 50/50. Oh and you can also bet on whether it will be an offensive or defensive contingent that performs the bath... my guess is a combo so the bet is off.

Who Will the MVP Thank First
If the Colts win it will be Peyton and he will thank his teammates. If the Saints win it will be Brees and he will thank the fans, which isn't an option. How dumb is that?

How Many Times will CBS Show Archie Manning?
The line is at 4, which you pretty obviously need to take the over. The line for Eli is at 3, so that just might be a safer bet. CBS is going to be living in the Manning and Kardashian booths. So the Kim Kardashian line of 2 1/2 is probably a safe go as well.

What Color Will Kardashian's top be?
This answer is black.

How many times will CBS Mention Hurricane Katrina?
The line is at 2 1/2. My guess if the Saints win they'll talk about this a lot at the end of the game, but if they lose they won't.

How many times will CBS Show Bourbon Street?
The over under is at 2 1/2, if the Saints are winning this is a lock.

How many Times will CBS Show South Beach?
The over/under is 2. I think I'm going under here, they'll be too busy showing Bourbon street and the Manning Kardashian booths.

The Who at Halftime
Will a member of the Who Smash his guitar, if so what will it hit? Umm I won't be watching, so I don't care.

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