Knicks Might Make Good On A Trade Idea I Pushed in December

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back on December 29th I had a semi original and decently well thought out post* surrounding a potential Knicks Rockets deal surrounding a combination of T-Mac going to the Knicks and a package going to the Rockets. Who knew that just a few months later the deal just might actually go through. See it's not that hard to be a GM.

The current puported deal is Larry Hughes, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and a some 1st round pick swapping for T-Mac, Brian Cook and Joey Dorsey. The deal would free up just enough cap space for the Knicks to divy out two max contracts this offseason which is unquestionably the New York Knickerbocker's desire. The Rockets want to rid themselves of T-Mac, likely understand that they won;t be able to sign anyone this offseason and this deal gives them better draft picks as well as a rookie lottery pick and maybe a semi-small improvement for this season.

I'm sure every Knick fan would have liked to somehow include Eddy Curry and I'm sure every Rocket fan would have enjoyed David Lee but you can't get that greedy when organizing a trade. This deal is a deal that benefits the objectives of both franchises and should get done by the deadline.

*A Rarity

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