Chasing Lines: Winter Olympic Medal Count

Thursday, February 11, 2010

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As you can the favorites are Germany, USA, and Canada in that order. The Germans, in case you didn't know, have led the Winter Olympic medal count three Olympics running. The USA looked for a big push from Ms. Vonn to move into the lead but with her ankle questionable that looks to take the Americans out of the running for several medals. The Canadians as the host nation come in third but they really haven't come close to winning the medal count in any of the past three Olympics. Just because they are the host nation does not mean that they will morph into Winter Gods.

After these three Nations you are looking at long odds and high payouts, or essentially you are looking to throw away your money. If anybody may be worth while to gamble on it could be the Norwegians as they did invent skiing and they do place consistently well in the Biathlon, Cross Country and Alpine Skiing. Problem is they don't get much done outside the skiing venue.

If you're going to put money down on this I think I'm going to say go with the Germans. They have the history on their side. The US might lose it's best athlete. The Canadians aren't proven. And the long shots are just too long.

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I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics! Ice hockey is my favorite Winter Olympic sport. However, it is also fun to watch the sports I don’t normally see, like bobsledding, luge, and curling. Go USA!

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Seems like they inverted the normal program to commercial ration. It's allllll commercial. Makes it unwatchable.

Hart said...
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