No Amount Of Beautiful Women Will Get Me To Watch Ice Dancing

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tanith Belbin is a very attractive woman. She just might be the most attractive US Olympian in these games. If she was a snowboarder, skier, hockey player, etc. I would likely be interested in watching her compete in these 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Unfortunately, Tanith Belbin performs in some cockamamee non-sport Ice Dancing a sport in which they could prance around every single SI Swimsuit Model (including Jessica Gomes) and I would still have no interest.

And when did Ice Dancing actually become some big sport that NBC feels the need to parade on primetime? Last night while showing the girls half pipe and other events they kept on advertising how tomorrow night featured Ice Dancing. Do you ever remember seeing Ice Dancing in the Olympics once, nevermind during primetime. Now NBC, likely looking to hook female viewers who love Dancing With the Stars and could care less about actual sports, will once again shit all over their primetime broadcast by showing something most actual sport fans could absolutely care less about. Thanks NBC and thank you America for somehow liking Ice Dancing more than any worthwhile sport, like say Curling.

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your best bet is just watch cnbc all they show is curling and hockey from what I have seen, and that switzerland canada game last night was great. Hiller nearly beat canada by himself. He only lost because no no-name swiss is gonna beat marty brodeur in a shootout while Hiller can only stop crosby so many times

tmags said...
10:05 AM  

I just had the commercials. The olympics have the normal commercial to program ration backwards.

Hart said...
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