Random Quick Notes (2/1)

Monday, February 01, 2010

~So who watched the Pro Bowl last night? Anybody? I'm sure it was great fun what with the guys not wanting to tackle each other or hit each other at all and the fact that the AFC was playing its "7th" best quarterback at times.

~One thing that I did find quite ridiculous was the fact the NFL forced the Super Bowl Pro Bowlers to be in attendance simply to get introduced and interviewed. Was there really any added bonus that Peyton Manning was on the sidelines of the game? Why force him to be there?

~Just in case you live under a shell or not in England, this whole John Terry scandal is quite amazing. The scandal would be quite enough if it was just the fact that he cheated on his wife with the girlfriend of his purported best friend both on his domestic team (Chelsea) and teammate of the English National team but when you throw in the "got here pregnant" and "paid for the abortion" details it ramps it up a few notched. Than just to make everything a wee bit more humorous, Terry won an award for Dad of the Year last year. Just my take on "Dad's of the Year", I don't think Dad's that pay for abortions are very good for their child to be in that the child never existed because Daddy said no.

~Is there anything more enjoyable in college basketball than watching Duke get crushed? Perhaps it's just me, but when I see Scheyer and Singler and Coach K sitting on the bench at the end of the game wondering how the hell they just got the shit kicked out of them for 40 minutes, I can't help but to smile.

~For whatever reason I'm having a difficult time getting seriously into any basketball right now. Perhaps when March comes around I will engulf myself in college hoop but right now I feel like I can't. I don't really care that Kentucky or Texas or Kansas lost. I don't care who the #1 team is because it doesn't matter. They are all going to make the tournament. And for bubble teams where wins and losses actually do matter, I don't know why but I'm just not that intrigued by any team. No college hoop game is an absolute drop dead must watch for me this season. As for the NBA, the 82 game schedule is kind of a joke to me at this point. Yes the Celtics are struggling mightily and yes they can't defend in the clutch and just got burnt by huge comebacks against the Lakers and the Magic but... the Celtics are still going to make the playoffs and will still likely have to knock off the Magic, Hawks, Cavs, Lakers, etc. to win the title. It's February now, the losses really don't matter much.

~Why is Tim Tebow not being good enough to be an NFL quarterback news to anyone? People are acting like his "stock plummeted" this week. We all knew he isn't all that accurate, doesn't have a big arm, and isn't really an NFL quarterback about two to three years ago, why when he struggles at the Senior Bowl does every get all "Wow, Tebow might not make it in the NFL".

~I didn't mention anything about the Randy Winn signing, but how lame was that. Randy Winn? I don't think you can sign a more mediocre player to play in the outfield. Why not just go with some minor leaguer instead?

~Meanwhile the Mets signed Josh Fogg and Frank Catalannato! World Series here they come!

~My girlfriend purchased me a Darrelle Revis jersey for my birthday. A fantastic gift.

~And finally random question... Plasma or LCD?

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