Let Us Look at the Nets, Point, Then Laugh

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The New Jersey Nets are currently on pace to post the WORST RECORD IN NBA HISTORY. Currently the Nets are on pace for 7 wins, yes this means less than double digit wins on the season, yes this is 1/10th the win total of the great Bulls Jordan-Rodman-Pippen squad, yes 7 wins in the playoffs won't even get you out of the 2nd round.

So what the hell happenned? Why has this team gone from Eastern Conference Champs at the start of the decade to one of the worst teams in the history of the NBA? Well first they sold off their "Big 3" for youth and hope of the future. They traded Jason Kidd for Devin Harris, a move that seemed great to me at the time but Harris has been injured and regressed this year. They traded Richard Jefferson for Yi, who also was injured for much of this season and really isn't more than an average player at this point of his career. Finally they traded Vince Carter for Courtney Lee, who also hasn't really emrged as anything more than a role player. Brook Lopez is the Nets best player and at this juncture in his career he certainly shouldn't be shouldering that load.

Not one player on the Nets is anywhere near a positive +/-. Of all the players on their roster Chris Quinn is closest to breaking even, but that's simply because he's been on the team for just 12 games. Not one player on the Nets sniffs the NBA scoring lead.

If you're a Net fan (for whatever reason) and are looking for some kind of positive, over the past week the Nets have shown some remote heart beat buried within. The Nets lost three straight games by 4 points or less before last nights loss to the Raptors. Their roster seems like it might be healthy for the first time of this year and maybe they'll surpass the 9 win 76ers team. The team won't even have to tank in the months of March in April in order to make sure they have the highest percentage chance of landing John Wall. The team is full of youth rather than old veterans so there's nowhere to go but up. And finally, you no longer need to watch the last 34 games of the season, so you have valuable free time added to your life.

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2010 - John Wall should be nice....

Mix in Bosh and Lebron and they might win a few more games right?

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