2009 College Football Season Predictions

Friday, August 28, 2009

College Football is just around the corner so it's time to publish the sure to be wrong College Football Predictions. Last week I said that my preseason blogpoll was going to be aligned with my predictions but, well I changed my mind on the outcome of two games.

Conferences I Don't Care About Winners

Sun Belt: Louisiana Lafayette, cause their Ragin Cajuns.
CUSA East: Southern Miss, Home of Favre.
CUSA West: Houston, Cougars are fun
CUSA Winner: Southern Miss, It's another year of the Favre
MAC East: Bowling Green, ESPN is all about bowling in the fall
MAC West: Central Michigan, Directional Michigan Powerhouse
MAC Winner: Central Michigan, Continued Directional Dominance
Mountain West: TCU, Horned Frog Domination
WAC: Boise St., Smurf Turf Power

Important Conference Winners

ACC Atlantic: Florida St. Bobby Bowden's going old school and taking the ACC Atlantic which is remarkably weaker than the ACC Coastal. They might lose all three games to the ACC Coastal and still win their division.

ACC Coastal: VaTech Remember when Virginia Tech wasn't in the ACC and didn't win the conference every year? The Hokies will have solid competition in the division from Miami, GaTech, and UNC but they should still hold down the division fort.

ACC Winner: VaTech 20 Florida St. 13, One more ACC title game won by Virginia Tech in front of a near empty stadium. Oh boy, what fun.

Big East Winner: South Florida A BCS conference with zero teams ranked in the preseason top 25, that's powerhouse. Last year Cincy came out of nowhere to win the crown. This year my moneys on South Florida to finally take the championship on the legs and arms of Matt Grothe.

Big 10 Winner: tOSU, Last season the Buckeyes lost a single game in conference to the Nittany Lions. Their offense behind Terrelle Pryor couldn't do anything in their two biggest games. This season with a full season under his belt Pryor shall flourish and the Buckeyes will once again make their title push.

Big 12 North: Nebraska, I think we should rename the Big 12 North, The Big 12 Soft. Once again the North will work as the bitch to the south in both the regular season and the Conference Championship game. This season Bo Pelini will get his blackshirts into the title game to assume the bent over position.

Big 12 South: Oklahoma, Toss a coin in the Red River Shootout and you've picked your Big 12 South Champion. Sure Okie St. should provide a little challenge, but we all know Oklahoma or Texas is taking it home. Last season the Sooners made too many mistakes down the stretch to take out the Longhorns, this season I think things change.

Big 12 Title Game: Oklahoma 40 Nebraska 13, And Big 12 South kicks Big 12 North in the ass again.

Pac 10 Winner: USC, If there is a year that USC may be vulnerable it would be the year it loses all of their linebackers and their quarterback to the NFL draft. That year is now, so if you're Oregon or Cal if you're ever going to beat Pete Carroll this is your year. Problem is by the time you face them either Aaron Corp or Matt Barkley will likely be high flying and thump you anyway.

SEC East: Florida Even if you say that Florida is going to be down this year from last year and that the loss of Percy Harvin is going to hurt them tremendously, please find me one loss on their SEC schedule, nevermind two. They avoid their one stumbling block of Ole Miss this year and they avoid Alabama. They get LSU with an unproven QB on the road and they get the cocktail party against UGA's new offense.

SEC West: Alabama Speaking of LSU & Bama, it's flip a coin with them or Bama or take the hyped up Ole Miss squad. Ole Miss has the proven QB but Bama and LSU have the talent coming in on a year to year basis. I'm not comfortable picking Ole Miss to pull off the little upset, and Bama simply put has a way easier schedule than LSU.

SEC Winner: Florida 24 Bama 20, In a rematch of last years SEC title game, the Crimson Tide will once again come up short against the Gators.

Heisman Winner

It's a pretty rare occasion when the three biggest Heisman candidates from the previous season are all back, but this season will again focus on the Tebow, Bradford, McCoy triumverant. Sure some outside candidates will pop up. A running back here or there like Jahvid Best. Another quarterback like Jevan Snead. Perhaps a receiver like Dez Bryant and maybe even a Dback like Eric Berry. But it will once again come down to the triumverant.

Much of the comparison last year in the Heisman came down to overall touchdowns and the fact that Tebow had an "inferior" year to his previous season. I myself was on the Bradford for Heisman train last year at the end of the season. This year I think Tebow gets it done again. I think his numbers will once again be through the roof and I think instead of getting punished as a repeat contendor by the voters, I think he will get rewarded as he will be on his way to becoming the most successful college quarterback in history.

BCS Title Game Predictions

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Penn St. - Penn St. and their joke schedule gets back to another BCS game to once again get their asses handed to them.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Oregon- Another Orange Bowl for the Hokies, ooh boy what fun. This time they get a team not from the Big East which they still manage to take down.

Rose Bowl: USC vs. Alabama - At this point in time both Bama and USC should have their QBs on a roll and their defenses in gear. Too bad for Bama, USC never loses the Rose Bowl unless it's called "The BCS Championship" so USC takes it down.

Sugar Bowl: Texas vs. Georgia Tech- Texas will lose just the Oklahoma game and will be chosen as the #1 team by the Sugar Bowl but since the Sugar Bowl has the last overall pick, they'll be playing the worst of the BCS teams. I have GaTech as the last team in, over any of the non-BCS conference teams. With a win over UGA again and a back and forth battle with VaTech, the Jackets could finish with 2 losses and with the Sugar Bowl in search for some southern love, they will be the perfect team to get their ass kicked by Texas.

National Title Game: Florida vs. tOSU

Ohio State has two games this season that they need to win and the rest will fall into place. In their favor they get USC early in the season when they will be rebuilding and they get them at home. Then later in the year they must beat Penn St. If they win those two games than there's a solid chance they will return back to the National Title Game to face... Florida again. And much like the last time they played in the title game, Florida will romp them.

Your National Champion is Florida... again... ugh

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Anonymous said...
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Odd predictions in my book, I see a SEC upset and OU vs Ohio State BCS Title. I also think Georgia Tech is going to do a lot better than most expect this year.

Jay said...
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