The One Man Left Who Would Shock Me If He Took PEDs

Friday, August 14, 2009

As each addition steroid abusers name comes out, society is becoming less and less surprised by each announcement. So much so that I've often heard a debate bantered about on the radio and casual circles. This debate starts like this, "Man, I wouldn't be surprised if anybody gets busted for steroids anymore. Except for Jeter, that would shock me." Then the counter party will reply with "Have you looked at his power numbers? Big spike there in the steroid era, Jeter wouldn't shock me. Pedro would shock me, that dude was a twig." I myself have 1 man who if he tested positive for steroids I believe the Earth would collapse and the Apocolypse would begin. That man is David Eckstein.

Just look at him. He weighs maybe 150 pounds and he's 5 foot 6. He's got 33 home runs in ten seasons. The man can't even swing a full sized bat so he chokes up for each pitch and jumnp swings at the ball. And when he throws the ball he barely reaches first base. He looks less like a professional athlete than John Daly (perhaps that was a bit too far). But there is no possible way David Eckstein gets busted for steroids. If he does, than I'm convinced every single baseball player ever has taken it.

Do you have that one guy you'll still be shocked about?

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Justin Pedroia. He's 5'8, probably 180, and 10 pounds of that is beer gut. I'm in better shape then he is. No way he's on.

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