This Weekend In Gambling

Monday, August 24, 2009

This is a representation of my weekend at the Casino.

1st round of craps: Never did I have more chips then I started wtih. Lost 70 bucks relatively quickly and decided to get off the table. I then watched the table get hot and my friends make money.

2nd round of craps: After a trip to the ATM, I quickly lost a hundred and decided that craps was shitting on me and that I was giving up and just putting the rest of my money on Black.

Roullette: Grab all the chips in my pocket and throw it on black. It's RED and I missed a chip in my pocket, bullshit. I head back to the craps table and watch someone have a ludicrous role in which everyone won 200+.

After 200 dollars of quick losing I was fed up. Luck of the Irish, my ass.

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