Well That Certainly Felt Good

Monday, August 10, 2009

Despite coming into this weekends 4 game set up 2.5 games in the standings, there was a bit of an emptiness in each and every Yankee fan and a bit of bolstered confidence in Sox fans despite a two game slide in Tampa. This is what an 8-0 season record against your division rival provides you. So on thursday when I brought up the 2.5 game lead to a Sox fan their return answer was, "we'll take care of that this weekend", and I had no return argument. But oh how one weekend can change things.

After this series it feels as if the Yankees are the team who is up 8-4 in the season series. It feels as if the Yankees are going to cruise towards the division crown with their 6.5 game lead. It feels like he Red Sox are dive bombing their way out of the playoffs.

Unlike in previous series when it was Jason Bay getting the huge home run off Mariano Rivera or Pedroia or Youk being pests, this weekend was all about the Yankees coming up with clutch hits. It was the ever clutch A-Rod providing the walk off home run in extras. It was again the ever clutch A-Rod providing the go ahead home run on sunday followed up by the new slugger Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira providing the equaliser and the game winner.

Unlike in previous series when the Yankees pitching staff was getting battered and beaten, this series showed why the big boys were given the big cash. In his previous two starts against the Sox, AJ Burnett was TERRIBLE, but on friday he dominated. For most of his career Sabathia, has been the Red Sox whipping boy, but on Saturday he was nearly unhittable. Even dandy Andy was continuing his recent hot pitching.

This weekend was a far cry from the recent Yankee Sox battles, and damn it felt good.

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