Vick the Iggle

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's finally done, we know where Michael Vick will be putting on spikes this fall, he will be a Philadelphia Iggle. My response to this is relative shock, the Eagles weren't even remotely on my radar. I would have thought Vick would have wanted a situation where he could potentially win over the starting position, but in Philadelphia you'd have to imagine that this won't be the case, even after McNabb's lame benching last season.

So what will his role in Philly entail? Will he simply be put in situations for the creation of the WildDog formation? Will the Iggles use him at the same time as McNabb and run the A11? God that would be awesome. Will he just sit on the bench and do absolutely nothing? Really only time will tell.

As of right now I see this as a limited risk, potentially large reward situation for the Iggles. I think any distraction to the team will be completely overstated. I think this is gives the Iggles a viable backup in case McNabb goes down. This also gives them a superior athlete to use in any situation. If he still has the speed and skills that he once had, he could easily be used as a complemantary third down back to Westbrook. He could be used in the slot. He could be used in the wild cat. They could run the option if they wanted to.

Whatever happens, this sure gives the Iggles Offensive Coordinator incentive to get a little creative with his play design. It should be exciting.

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