The New York Jets' Wide Receivers Shall Inspire Fear In the Heart of the Opponent

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Can you feel the intimidation oozing out of the lineup above? Can you see the boots shaking of the defensive secondary lining up against this eight man receiving core of doom? You are frighten, you are scared, you fear the day your team has to stop the monsterous Jets...

Wait, you don't? Shit? Um... Well, then I will scare you with numbers. Take a look at the career stats that are sure to throw brown stains in your hanes...

Ok, you can stop laughing now. Jesus, I was just trying to make a joke. Seriously stop making fun of the Jets. It's not funny. We're going to win with defense and a three headed rushing attack. We're the new Ravens ok.

Seriously stop laughing at me it's not nice.

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well, you're forgetting Keller, who is basically a WR considering the way he plays. You also left Stuckey off the list and he's probably our slot guy. So we win with defense, 3 headed rushing attack, Keller, and whatever we can get from our WRs. I'm fine with that. I still expect a 6-10 season, but we'll be much better when Sanchez matures. I have my fingers crossed.

Daniil said...
2:08 PM  

The Jets fans of the this decade are like Red Sox fans of the 90s.

Hart said...
7:21 AM  

Are you a real fan? You know Clowney did lead all Jets receivers in pre-season last year and broke his collarbone? His 1 reception was a one handed catch. He's in his third year. And with Sanchez throwing the pigskin, you may yet be pleasantly surprised. Why so negative?

Not so bleh said...
10:04 PM  

Meant to add... remember Jerricho Cotchery's breakout year? Who is your top boy now? It happens.

More bleh said...
10:05 PM  

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