Why Did You Put Those Steroids In My Vitamins?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Honesty is a very very very difficult word for professional athletes to grasp. And given their track record of blatant lying its impossible to believe any of them. As each player comes out having tested positive for something they come with an excuse. Miguel Tejada shot me in the ass with a tainted B12 shot, I made out with a girl who was on Coke I didn't take it myself, etc. etc. etc. Nobody can be trusted, especially afetr they've just failed a drug test.

The best excuse of all is blaming testing positive for steroids or another performance enhancer on purchasing something over the counter at your local GNC. It's the go to line for all players that are caught. In this past week alone both David Ortiz and Rashard Lewis have utilized it. Lewis tested positive for a substance that almost no one thinks would ever be put in any kind of product at GNC whiule Ortiz simply thinks he was reckless because he was buying vitamins and supplements.

It would just be nice if one of the many talented players who tested positive would just come out and admit it. Just admit what they did and why they did it. Just be truthful to the entire world. We know why each and every one of you took steroids, MONEY. Whether you were an all star seeking hall of fame numbers or a scrub hoping to hang onto a roster spot, everything was about the MONEY and the FAME.

So please next time Mr. Steroid Abuser, just say "Yes I took steroids. I was looking for an edge. I apologize for tainting the game and I look forward to proving myself as a clean player for the rest of my career." And that's it.

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Right on.

99.8% of the poeple who follow baseball dont really care. Everyone was using so if you weren't, you were at a disadvantage.

If I was a AAAA player, I would have done it to solidify a spot on a major league roster. If I was a 30HR and 90 RBI guy, I would also have done PEDs to boost my stats and in turn cash in on a $80 Million contract. (Which dont forget is GUARANTEED in the MLB.) Especially knowing that the pitchers I was facing were doing it as well as the other guys fighting for the same roster spot were doing it.

Seeing as everyone was doing it, it makes it a moot point who gets caught. If the use was by a small group and the balance of the league was clean, then it would be a different story.

As more and more people get identified, I beleive the fans are getting number to shock and disbelief and are treating it as the norm. I know I am.

I would have been more shocked if you told me that Papi's name was not on the list and he in fact was clean.

JBILLS said...
2:10 PM  

If I was one of these players, I would be suing MLB for a billion dollars. Confidentiality anyone?

This shit wasn't even illegal in 2003.

The government has other things to worry about other then baseball, like how the economy sucks, unemployment is up, and why the fuck are they still trying to spend more money on useless social programs.

Hart said...
3:10 PM  


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