Yankees vs. Sox Preview

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I haven't done a straight preview in awhile but since its Yankees vs. Red Sox time, there's no better time then now. We're going quick notes edge style.

The Better Steroid User

A-Rod: A-Rod won a an MVP over Papi and has put himself in the stratosphere of all time players with the accumulation of HRs, hits, RBI, etc. But he still has no rings.

Big Papi: Big Papi helped win the Red Sox their first World Series since 1918 with a little boost from the juice.

Edge: Sox

Season Series aka 0-8

Boston: The Red Sox are on a roll against the pin stripes and seemingly have the Yankees number from hitters to starters to Mariano.

Yankees: They're one of the top teams in baseball, odds are in their favor to win a game right?

Edge: Push, it doesn't matter

The Pitching Matchups

Joba vs. Smoltz: Joba has been on fire. Smoltz has looked old. Edge Yanks

Burnett vs. Beckett: Burnett has been terrible in his two starts against the Sox this year and Beckett is Beckett. Edge Sox

Sabathia vs. Buchholz: Sabathia is a Cy Young Winner, Buchholz is still the young buck. Edge Yanks

Pettitte vs. Lester: Lester is a ten year younger version of Andy. Edge Sox

Edge: Push

The Lineup

Yankees: Dominant from top to bottom and only got better with the recent DFA of Cody Ransom.

Red Sox: V-Mart brings a much needed extra bat to Boston, but they just might be without Bay for much of this series so...

Edge: Yanks

Number of Players Whose Name Ends in Boner

Yankees: Zero

Red Sox: 1, Papelboner

Edge: Push

Number of Players Who Look Like Shrek

Yankees: Zero

Red Sox: 1, Youkilis

Edge: Push

Overall: Push, it's gonna be 2-2

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Good call here. I was pissed Francona left Schmchshcmholtz in so long last night. Shoulda been yanked in the 3rd.

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