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Thursday, August 13, 2009

For all the tough guy juice Kevin Youkilis oozes out, I found Tuesday Nights fracas to be delightfully delicious. First off Mr. Youk gets hit squarely in the back, not really something out of the ordinary for a player who has been hit nearly 40 times during the past three seasons. Yet, Youk decided the time was now to fight. The time to fight came when he was going to fight a pitcher who should be a SOPHOMORE IN COLLEGE.

So Youk charges the mound. All the while Rick Porcello has his hands up in the air and is back peddling with a "why the fuck are you trying to fight me look on my face". And then what does Youk do? He throws his helmet at Porcello like a little pansy and then tries to take him down. But instead of taking the 20 year old Porcello, he in fact gets tossed to the ground and so we get this picture.

Ha, Youk just got tossed by a college kid. What a Jackass.

For the time being you can watch the video here. Hilarity.

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