Thou Shalt Protect Thy Nuts

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm of the opinion that a cup is the most uncomfortable article of clothing a male can ever wear. It turns your parts into an oven. It chaffes your legs. Its just terrible all around. And so I have avoided wearing it ever since I moved to the outfield back in high school and now I don't wear one when on occasion I do play the infield. Unfortunately for Adrian Beltre there's a big difference in not wearing a cup as a major league baseball third baseman than not wearing one in a softball beer league. For Beltre, his lack of wearing a cup, where professional hitters rope laser beams, resulted in the tearing of a testicle and internal bleeding.

For Adrian Beltre, I'd imagine he's likely going to wear a cup from now on. I would think that tearing your testicle to the extent where you potentially need surgery is enough to convince a man that in the future, thou shalt protect thy nuts.

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