MLB Mustache Trivia (With List)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

So you needed help, don't be ashamed. Here's the list:

Alvaro Espinoza, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Clay Zavada, Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, Dennis Eckersley, Eddie Murray, Goose Gossage, Jason Giambi, Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Smith, Randy Johnson, Reggie Jackson, Robin Yount, Rod Beck, Rollie Fingers, Sal Fasano, Thurman Munson and Wade Boggs.

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How do you put together a famous mustache list without Keith Hernandez?

Anonymous said...
11:01 AM  

A glaring oversight on my part

Simon said...
11:44 AM  

how can you put together a famous mustache list without SAL FASANO?

Anonymous said...
11:44 PM  

oops. i missed his name! good thing he's included...

Anonymous said...
11:45 PM  

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