A Guide to Tailgaiting Games: Beersbie

Friday, August 28, 2009

College and NFL Football is right around the corner, so its time to review some of your best options for prepping for the big game.

The Guide On How to Play: Throw a frisbee at a ski pole with an empty beer on top. If you hit the poll and the can hits the ground you get two. If you hit the can with the frisbee and hit hits the ground you get 3. If you throw a catchable frisbee and it is dropped you get one. Here's a better explanation, if you desire more eloquence.

Complexity: Limited - Again, it's pretty much simple addition after each throw. There's basically under 5 rules. It's not rocket science.

Ability to Hold a Beer While Playing: Depends on If You Want to Win - If you want to win, you probably need your hands free to catch the frisbee, unless you can do everything one handed.

Is Beer Drinking the Objective: No - You can integrate it in if you want, but it could also be a game with side beers and consumption at your own pace.

Space Needed: 7-10 Yards - Depending on how hard you want the game to be you can move the ski polls closer or further apart.

Ease of Setup: Simple If you ski, than you have ski polls and beer bottles and everyone has one or two 10 cent frisbees. If you don't ski than you need some kind of pipe to set it up, which is simple enough to buy. The one and only downfall of setup for this game is that you need to play on grass because ski polls don't exactly stick in asphalt parking lots.

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