Can Someone Please Explain to Me the Obsession With NFL Training Camps?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The NFL Season is just around the corner and thus the obsession with NFL Training Camps is running rampant around the country, and well I don't get it. I understand the building excitement that comes with the NFL season and that people want to talk about and answer the questions that surround mini camps. I just don't understand why massive flocks of people attend preseason games or even worse the camps.

NFL Preseason games are arguably the biggest rip off in American Consumer Products. They sell for the same price as actual football games without being actual football games. You get two quarters of your favorite teams roster running through the motions and trying to figure out what may or may not work while trying to run as vanilla a scheme as possible. Then you get two quarters of guys that you've never heard of just trying to make the roster. I'd rather go to a Pirates game than an NFL preseason game at least a Pirates game is priced for what it's worth, about $2.50.

Then you have people traveling to NFL training camps and utilizing vacation days to do so. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you not have anything better to do then go to Cortland, NY and watch the Jets Practice. We talkin' about Practice man. The only way I would be caught dead at an NFL Training Camp would be if it was practically in my back yard (aka within 20 minutes) and I really really really had nothing to do with myself that day. But Cortland is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so all the people at camp are certainly not just from the area.

So can someone please give me any logical reason why anybody would either drop cash on a Preseason Football Game or use a vacation day to watch grown men practice?

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