And That'll Be Two Years In Prison for Being a Moron

Thursday, August 20, 2009

God I love our legal system. We live in a country where three people of relatively equal fame can commit three highly different crimes and get three different jail sentences.

Michael Vick set up a massive gambling ring and consciously watched dogs get brutally killed. 2 Years

Donte Stallworth consciously got into the car while intoxicated and inadvertently wound up running over and killing a man. 1 month

Plaxico Burress consciously brought a concealed weapon into a night club and inadvertently shot himself in the leg. 2 years.

I'm not going to say that Plaxico does not deserve to go to jail. This is not my call. But of the three crimes committed, his is the only one where nothing on this earth was effected by it other than himself. The man shot himself in the leg. He's really being punished on the theoretical of what could have happened at some point in time because he brought a gun into the city. That's it. Theoretically everytime you sit down to eat a steak at a restaurant you could wield the knife at your waiter's throat. Eating a steak at a restaurant is not a crime. In part it seems as if Burress was doomed when Mayor Bloomberg came out and essentially said he wanted Burress to be turned into an example.

With Vick and Stallworth on the other hand something actually did happen. Countless dogs were brutally killed, either in fight with another dog or simply drowned or electrocuted by Vick's posse. In Stallworth's case a human being is dead. Dead as in never ever going to be alive again.

In conclusion, when weighing the three different crimes and their resulting sentences it would appear as if Justice is mostly fickle and only sometimes blind.

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