Bronco Fans Put The 'Atic' in Fanatic

Monday, August 31, 2009

Last night, Denver Bronco Fans were proof why the saying goes, "Fan is simply short for fanatic". In booing Cutler all night, Bronco fans proved that they are unable to rationally analyze is a situation and instead are too apt to thrust blame where blame doesn't necessarily belong. Instead of treating the situation for what it is the Bronco fan will always despise Cutler for doing nothing wrong.

When you actually rationalize what happenned, and if you theoretically put yourself in Cutler's shoes, you would have done the exact same thing he did. You are a Pro Bowl quarterback in the NFL, and the new coach comes in and starts to dick around wtih you. Rational people get pissed at this. When some new boss comes in and starts tampering with your job you aren't going to be happy about this. And then when your new boss attempts to kiss and make up and you give him the simple question of "can you honestly say you aren't going to try to trade me in the future" and his answer is no, than you're going to want out. Again, you're not in a position where you should have to fight for a job. You are a Pro Bowl quarterback. You want a coach that will appreciate the fact that you have top 5 quarterback skills in this league. You don't want a coach who is going to try and trade for shitty Matt Cassel over you, and then can't promise that the job is yours for the time being.

Let me hammer this home, rational human beings don't want to work for someone that who's first move was to try and replace you and then when confronted could not say they weren't going to do it in the future. 90+% of us would have done the exact same thing Jay Cutler did. Yet, Bronco fans mercilessly boo him when the fault lays entirely at Josh McDaniels feet. When your team sucks this year Denver, maybe you should refocus that rage away from Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall and onto your 33 year old head coach.

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