Let's Hook Up NYC and Nobody Else

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ever wanted to get the NFL Direct TV package but weren't able to because of extenuating circumstances that forced you to be unable to purchase Direct TV period? Well now you sir are in luck, Direct TV is allowing lucky customers the opportunity to purchase just the NFL Ticket Package to be watched on your PC. No satellites needed, just you, your laptop and a lot of football.

Sounds great right? You're a huge Pittsburgh fan but you moved out to Chicago and your stupid 20 story apartment building won't allow you to hang out a dish on their roof. So you call up Direct TV order the online package and you shall never be denied. You think you're in the money until... they tell you that this service is only available for those that live in Manhattan.

Yep, just Manhattan. Not even people in Queens, the Bronx, or Brooklyn can get this online only package. In fact to get to the offer you need to go to www.directtv.com/MANHATTAN.

Thanks DirectTV for absolutely positively nothing.

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