Brett Favre is a Funny Man

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here's the deal with this Brett Favre news, and I'm going to make this post incredibly incredibly brief, he's really just a child who can't make up his mind. It's absoultely positively hilarious. I mean you really can't make this shit up. He's essentially an old boxer that can't figure out when to get out. One day he's retired, the next he's working out, the next he's retired but still working out? Come on this is priceless.

I understand that everyones going to say the media hype has been jammed down our throats with Brett Favre this and Brett Favre that and Brett Favre this for 3+ years now but please admit this is funny. The fact that anybody even believed the latest retirement is the most hilarious of it all. Why would you ever believe a single sentence in which Brett Favre uttters the word retirement? I guess people are just flat out stupid.

And just think about this for a second. The Vikings just signed a 39 year old man, who's shoulder failed him miserably last season and who can never make up his mind whether he does or does not want to play to a 10 to 12 million dollar contract. They could have signed Michael Vick, a 29 year old former pro bowler, to a contract nearly 1/10th of the value of Favre's. But nope they're going for the old man with the Arm Punts.

This is going to end in hilarious failure. And best yet we can even get more humor next season when he can't make up his mind yet again. Thank you, Brett Favre, for making me laugh so much and giving me the opportunity to create more episodes of Arm Punt Formations.

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